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Allen Clarke

I have driven a Hilux for 4 years with a hydrogen kit and noticed the advantages. These have been increased power or torque, reduced fuel use and improved engine performance which is noticeable when its time to fill the tank. There is a drop in engine running temperature, it runs smoother and climbs hills a little better that before i had the system. There are no problems with using the kit such as leakage or electrical wiring as has been the case with other kits as we have a fuse that prevents any such problems.

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Brett Fisher

I have installed a TORqKIT for over 18 months now on my 79series Landcruiser 4.5lt Petrol Table top. After installing the kit there was two things that were immediate, I found a power increase and torque increase. High Way hills that I used to need to pull back from 5th to 3rd I now with TORqKIT I can hold 5th on the same hills and only drop 12 to 15kms. During this time I have saved fuel bills by 20 to 25% at least. The increased torque is noticeable and is now recorded when my Landcruiser was measured at Kurri Kurri TAFE.

The electrical’s are protected by a fuse so that there is never any risk of over loading. The end result is that I am saving $$$ on fuel costs, my engine is running cleaner and cooler, with long term use the results will be longer life for my engine and money staying in my pocket. I am so happy with the TORqKIT I wish that had stop procrastinating and installed one sooner.

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