TORqK IT is a combination of steel plates in water which separate water into oxygen and hydrogen when electricity
is passed through the plates. The electricity is generated by the vehicle from the electrical system of the engine.
The kit creates hydrogen or Brown’s gas, as the vehicle is running and injects the gas into the air intake, burning
the fuel more effectively.
The gas is a catalyst not a replacement fuel.

TORqK IT generates gas which can be mixed with all fuels; petrol, gas and diesel. All vehicles powered by these
fuels have recorded savings of 20 to 30 per cent depending on the driver. None have experienced any problems with
the electrical systems. All have seen reductions in smoke emissions or particulate matter exhaust [PN].

TORqK IT will be installed in your vehicle by a qualified installer-mechanic so that there is no damage to the
engine. It is a kit that has been researched and tested in Australia’s tough conditions and is assembled in Australia.

• There are thousands of similar kits installed overseas, particularly in America and Canada.
• There are many academic research papers published on the emission reductions and fuel savings.
• It is not available on the internet. It is installed in the engine by qualified installers.
• There are dyno test results that prove the power increase.
• This process offers fuel savings which pay for the kit in a short time but this depends on the driver, the route
and the fuel.

TORqK IT is suitable for all vehicles – passenger – light commercials – trucks.

TORqK IT is safe when installed as the gas is only produced on demand. When the vehicle stops the gas ceases
to be produced. It is drawn into the engine at low pressure. There is no gas storage in containers, only in the fuel
lines. The only added fuel is water.

TORqK IT is a business name registered by Green Trucks Pty Ltd.
Green Trucks Pty Ltd has researched kits from Canada, UK and USA and has tested them for over 5 years here and
in the UK. The kit has been installed in a light commercial for over a year in Australia and has been tested for fuel
economy. There has been no damage to any part of the engine or electricals.

Many vehicles have installed the kits in Australia; one kit has been installed in a Toyota Landcruiser for 12 months.
It has reduced the fuel costs by 30 percent but other drivers may find different fuel usage.


Vehicle hydrogen on-demand brochure